Salty Seagull /cgl/ Brooch Pins
Salty Seagull /cgl/ Brooch Pins

Salty Seagull /cgl/ Brooch Pins

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The latin text on it roughly translates to "Salty Seagull". Each piece is somewhat unique with hand placement of the glitter. Even the shakers held by the gull's feet will have varying levels of salt within and spilling forth!

Carefully hand-placed iridescent shards in the detailing of this miniature stained glass window that will glitter wonderfully when catching the light. Just having it on your breast while you breathe will make the colours dance and mesmerize anyone looking!

These are 5cm x 5cm, and if you like the design but don't see yourself wearing them or care for the glitter, you can get a plain sticker of it here!